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Get a Greek residence permit by only investing €250,000 in real estate and benefit from the most competitive Golden Visa Program in Europe.

With the Greek Golden Visa, the investor can reside with no limitations in the most beautiful country in the Mediterranean and enjoy free access to all Schengen zone countries directly from his own home.

Together with the investor, family members will also obtain a Golden Visa, and after 7 years they are all eligible for a Greek passport. At the same time, the investor becomes a property owner in the most promising house market in Europe, while earning high returns on his investment.

MI4 Real Estate Brokerage is the leading facilitator of the Golden Visa in Greece, with an experienced team of brokers, appraisers, lawyers and engineers that will cover everything for you.

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Golden Visa in the EU


Golden Visa programmes in Europe enjoy a wide international appeal. The wide and diverse pool of non-EU nationals who contact us regularly to enquire about Greek/EU residency obtained through investment displays exactly that: interest is extensive, and global.

The citizens of a large number of countries around the globe continue to face great uncertainty due to political or financial reasons. This has led many to explore alternative options, in an effort to increase their knowledge of other viable solutions and choices, should that stability and comfort they have enjoyed in their home countries be shaken in the near future.

To this extent, the constantly expanding middle classes in many non-EU countries are already choosing residency by investment programs all across the Mediterranean, to ensure their financial security and increase the future education prospects and choices of their children.

The Greek Golden Visa Program


Greece is currently a prime market for immigration-related property investments. The Greek Golden Visa Program is still the most competitive real estate investment route to permanent residency, in Europe.

By 2013, Greece initiated its own Golden Visa programme, as a means to encourage foreign investment. To qualify for the programme, an investment of a minimum of 250,000€ on a property located in Greece is required, thus making it the most competitive among any other real estate residency by investment scheme in the European Union.

The investment property can be residential or commercial and located anywhere on the Greek mainland, or on any of the unique and world-renowned Greek islands.

During the past five years, non-EU investors have welcomed with enthusiasm the Greek Golden Visa Program, with applications doubling every year since 2013.

Get a Greek Golden Visa with MI4 Real Estate Brokerage


MI4 Real Estate Brokerage is leading the way by offering an all-inclusive services package to ensure that everything is handled professionally and smoothly for you.

With vast experience in the Greek real estate market and working alongside the most esteemed law firms MI4 team will represent you in every step of the way

What we do

  • We communicate with your local Greek Consulate to expediate your Visa to visit Greece.
  • We conduct thorough market research with respect to your needs.
  • We attend all property viewings either on your behalf or along with you.
  • We assist you obtain a Greek Tax ID.
  • We facilitate the opening of a Greek bank account under your name.
  • We prepare and file your residency application to the Immigration Authority.
  • We receive your Golden Visa and deliver it to you.

Additional Benefits with MI4 Real Estate Brokerage

  • Our Property Development team undertakes to do any improvements or alterations in your property.
  • Full after sales support with property management, accounting and rental services.
  • Guaranteed income in selected properties.
  • Company incorporation services.

Benefits of the Greek Golden Visa Program


Applicants are granted the right to live in Greece, although there is no requirement to do so. With the residency card all family members will have the freedom to travel to and throughout the EU and the Schengen visa zone with ease and without further visa applications. Underaged children enjoy full access to the Greek education system.

Low cost access to European golden visa

  • Unique investment opportunity due to reduced prices
  • Mediterranean climate – approximately 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Strategic location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Birthplace of Western Civilization

250,000€ minimum investment in Real Estate

  • Property purchase and residency permit offered as a turn-key solution
  • Permanent residency permits for main investor and family members, including parents
  • Eligibility for citizenship after 7 years of residency
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Travel directly to all Schengen countries, from country of origin
  • Allowance to establish and operate own business

A Gateway to EU Citizenship


A citizen of any European Union country is a citizen of the European Union. As such, citizenship and a passport from any EU country allows holders to live, work and study in, or travel visa free to any EU other country they desire.

Applicants who live in Greece can apply for citizenship and a passport after seven years. Once applicants have citizenship then they are free to dispose of their investment as further visa renewals are not necessary. Because of the freedom to not reside in the country, the Greek golden visa programme is considered a residency investment programme rather than citizenship by investment. However, the option for citizenship is there for those committed to living in Greece, subject to further requirements such as proof of stay for a reasonable period.

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