Construction Services

Revitalize your property and give it a modern touch, build your dream home, redevelop your building or construct it from scratch.

Whatever your development project is, our team offers full services based on our high expertise and years of experience in renovations and constructions of residential and commercial properties.

Our vibrant illustrations and contemporary ideas maintain the highest standards by combining quality with efficiency at an affordable cost.

Our team consists of proficient civil engineers, resourceful architects, inspired interior designers and meticulous construction managers creating a fully competent team to undertake any project from A to Z. MI4 cooperates and supervises selected subcontractors that have been our partners for more than 10 years. Our focus is to deliver personalized results suitable to the requirements and style of your project.

Our Development department provides credible and accurate cost assessments tailored to your budget and design requirements, while our civil engineers issue the necessary operating licenses and permits. Moreover, our architects deliver detailed floor plans and/or visual renders, while our interior designers hand-pick materials and furniture to provide you with a vast selection of choices matching your criteria. Finally, our construction managers will oversee your project on-site at all stages of the process and report to you on a weekly basis.

Our Services Include

  • Architectural Designs
  • Site Analysis & Preliminary Site Planning
  • Estimate of Renovation Cost
  • Estimate of Construction Cost
  • Zoning Studies
  • Planning Studies
  • Structural and Seismic Design
  • Floor Plans

  • Construction Plan Review
  • Materials Sourcing
  • Furniture Sourcing
  • Project Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Operating License Issuance
  • Photo-Realistic Renders & Visualizations
  • Interior Space Design

Recent Projects

Building Interior in Kolonaki

A traditional 5-storey building in Kolonaki that was meticulously renovated into a contemporary building currently hosting high class tourists in the poshest area of the Athenian centre. The building now exhibits five luxurious apartments, each one covering an entire floor, as well as a fully restored terrace over the fifth floor overlooking the city at its best.

An illustrative example of how a thorough restoration can transform an old building an into a profitable establishment that currently yields high returns through short-term rental platforms.

House Renovation in Kifisia

This modern 3-story house in Kifisia was renovated and decorated in 2018. The project lasted for two months and it included the change of plumbing, cabling, floor installation, painting and total remake of the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Bathroom Renovation in Athens

A simple but stylish renovation of a bathroom in the centre of Athens. Revitalising the bathroom with modern high standards can increase the value of the property and will improve the well-being of its tenants.

Apartment Renovation in Kolonaki

This 50m2 apartment was renovated in the spring of 2019. It included the change of all plumbing, cabling the redesign of the bathroom and the installation of aluminium window frames. Finally, the floors were polished and the walls painted.

Apartment Renovation in Exarcheia

This 40m2 apartment in Exarcheia was totally renovated from beginning to end on January 2019. The home-owners wanted to change floors, cupboards, shelves, plumbing, cabling, aluminium window frames, A/C installation while redesigning the bathroom and kitchen and installing a security door.

Apartment Renovation in Voula

This project was asked to be quick and inexpensive. MI4 has the know-how to complete renovation projects based on the requirements of home owners, while maintaining the highest standards. 

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