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A completely abandoned 35 sq.m. hidden gem in the heart of Exarcheia was radically transformed into a cozy pied à terre for the new owner. Although the flat was tiny and excessively worn, its large balcony and great views made it irresistible. The design brief was to completely transform its impractical layout into a warm and cozy flat. Due to the limited amount of space, the design and layout ought to be flexible and practical with plenty of storage space. The old kitchen was transformed to host the bedroom area and the bathroom was altered to feel much larger than the original. The rest of the area was divided in half to create a cozy living room and a large kitchen with a bar that extends to seat up to four guests, making it perfect for cold days. All areas complement each other to create a fully functional, sustainable, and modern country-style home in the heart of Athens, an apartment everyone would love to call their own.

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