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MI4 Real Estate Brokerage is a one-stop shop offering a full range of Real Estate Services including Property Marketing & Sourcing, Legal Services & Consulting, Property Development & Renovation and Property Management in Greece.

We are a boutique agency providing on-demand services to our clientele. We become your life-long partner in Greece representing you and your investment in all matters. From Golden Visa applications to managing your assets in Greece, MI4 will maximise your return on investment, handle your tax declarations and manage your property in the most optimal way. Our aim is to offer our clients complete peace of mind over their investment in Greece, while enjoying the considerable returns the market has to offer.

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Our ServicesFrom beginning to end

Real Estate

Whether you seek to buy or sell a property our team will prepare a customized plan based on our deep knowledge of the real estate market in Greece. Our extensive portfolio of assets and our ever-growing list of buyers powers the ability to successfully meet the requirements of our clients.

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Legal Services

MI4 works alongside specialized lawyers to ensure that all legal and tax interests are always best served. Our services offer full legal coverage and consulting for real estate matters including the paperwork required for foreign buyers.

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Construction Services

Our development department combines elegance and efficiency. Ranging from apartment and building renovations to housing and building constructions, our know-how and years of experience ensure quality and design while maintaining affordable prices.

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Property Management

Our property management services ensure you profit from your investment, while enjoying total peace of mind. Whether you prefer long-term rentals or short-term platforms MI4 guarantees your property will yield its maximum potential, while managing the maintenance and all payments on your behalf.

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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team consists of a rich number of highly skilled specialist professionals with a drive towards excellency. Their mission is to provide you with the most exclusive and personalised real estate and property investment experience, from beginning to end.

They include:

  • Property Consultants (Brokers & Appraisers) with extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Greek and Athenian market.
  • Legal Specialists and Consultants with vast experience in all real estate matters who will guide you in every step of the process.
  • A Property Development & Construction Department, comprised of civil engineers, architects, construction managers and interior designers.
  • A team of experienced marketing communications & PR professionals offering premium Property Management Services, after the completion of your purchase.

Our Mission

To become your central point of reference and most trusted partner in Greece. To ensure this, we guarantee a unique and straightforward property investment experience, focused on increasing profitability, always tailored to your own wants and needs. The boutique nature of MI4 is what makes us distinctively different from any other real estate company in Athens.  

Our Story


Strategically positioned in London and Athens, MI4 Real Estate Brokerage started up as a boutique real estate agency, a true one-stop shop offering a full range of real estate services.

Our initial aims were to capitalise on our international business connections and clientele in order to secure:

  • A guaranteed extensive pool of buyers and strategic investors from across the globe.
  • An extensive portfolio of residential & commercial properties, land units and luxury estates across the Mediterranean (or Greece).

We achieved both and grew to something more.



Currently established as one of the top boutique real estate firms in Greece, boasting a rich and diversified property investment portfolio, the MI4 Real Estate Brokerage has now evolved into a premium, fully client-centred property investment consultancy firm, with a special focus on the Athenian property market and the lucrative opportunities it offers.

Moreover, always staying truthful to the vision of a real estate one-stop shop, our company extended its available services, currently also offering a wide range of after buying services, including property management, accounting and tax filing.

In addition, MI4 has now become a leading facilitator of the Greek Golden Visa Program, the programme that offers the most competitive real estate investment route to permanent residency in Europe.

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Properties for SaleResidential & commercial properties, land units and luxury estates

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