Property Management

Designed by our team of expert real estate specialists, MI4 offers a complete package of property management services. Our aim is to ensure that your profit is maximized, while you enjoy total peace of mind over your property investments.

Our service offers packages that can include complete residential, tourist and business property management based on your own investment profile. Essentially, they include the supervision, operation, oversight and care of your property. MI4 will do everything to increase the income for the property owner, while ensuring operations are set up and always remain in line with current tax and legislation needs.

To reach our goal, a close and trusting relationship is established with our clients guaranteeing each property is managed to the highest professional standard. Prices are set to a reasonable level and always in relation to the quality of services offered.

Long-Term Rent Services

  • Finding long-term tenant(s)
  • Drafting & signing lease agreements on your behalf (PoA needed)
  • Finding new tenant(s) if the existing tenant(s) vacate the property (without extra charge)
  • Signing of property insurance contract (PoA needed)
  • Management of all payments associated to the property, on your behalf (PoA needed)
  • Overseeing rent payments are made on time
  • Ensuring that all property bills are in the name of the tenant(s)
  • Handling all communications with the tenant(s)
  • Maintenance & minor repairs coordination (materials & labour are extra)
  • Attending annual/extraordinary meeting(s) of the building’s owners
  • End-of-year tax filing (+€50)

Other Property Management Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluation report of a specific property regarding its long or short-term rental potential and its re-sale value. In the case of long-term rent it includes the monthly rent along with an assessment on the type of tenant (i.e. family, students, office, etc.). In the case of short-term it includes the capacity (days per year), the nightly rate and the associated costs of platform management. In the case of re-sale it includes the analysis of price direction

Buy & Resell Services

If your investment horizon is short or if you are simply aiming at fast-earned capital gains your best option is a Buy & Resell Plan. We offer properties at distressed prices, which can be bought and resold at a premium in a matter of months.

Short-Term Rentals & Maintenance Services

Short-term management of your property, including full promotion via online platforms, cleaning services, check-in and check-out services and accounting services. Additionally, it includes swift and efficient cover of any emergency or planned repair work needed, ensuring your property remains at the top-of-the line for each subsequent customer, therefore achieving full customer satisfaction and reviews.

Finally, the service is available to all communication related to your property listing with potential customers 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, MI4 provides consulting services related to the location, planning, construction, design and equipping needs of property investments aimed specifically for the short-term rental market.

Buy, Renovate & Resell Services

Similar to the Buy & Resell Plan, but with the addition of a quality renovation. This plan takes advantage of the market’s need for refurbished properties and allows you to charge resale, as well as renovation premiums.

Find out how you can benefit, by simply contacting the MI4 team of expert real estate specialists here.

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