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Located in Patisia, this 25m2 apartment was initially divided into three rooms, a tiny kitchenette, a small bathroom, and a living room area. The challenge was to turn this tiny apartment into a multidimensional space for two, a space that one never gets bored of. To accomplish that, we knocked down all the walls and reinvented its layout. The apartment is split into two main areas the kitchen and the living room/bedroom while the bathroom works as a division for these two areas. Entering the apartment is a fully equipped kitchen in light green hues and an expandable bar table so the owner can cook, dine, or even chill with a friend. Moving toward the living room area we divided the public and the private area vertically by introducing a floating bed with an integrated sofa. As the apartment is super tiny, we wanted its design to be appealing and unique while also giving the space a sense of peace and tranquility.

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