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Located in the heart of Kypseli, very close to the vibrant square of Agios Georgios, this apartment was completely transformed while retaining some of its vintage elements. Its nostalgic appearance gave us a spatial narrative as the apartment reminded us of a Parisian pied-à-terre. In collaboration with the owner’s aesthetics, who were super passionate about experimenting with design and colours, this project was from commission to completion very inspiring. Our ambition was to make the space look much airier and brighter by bringing as much light inside as we could. The beautifully ornamented arch entering the apartment is taking us to another era while the interior touches add a modern vibe to the apartment. Taking references from the French province, the muted colour palette gives a harmonious result while the deep forest green colour, the vintage brass handles, and the wooden effect of the countertop and kitchen shelves, add character to the space and create a beautifully calibrated visual result. While selecting materials and colours, we deliberately avoided cold colours and shiny surfaces as we wanted to transform it into a cozy space while the juxtaposition of vintage and modern elements fabricated a unique and adorable result.

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