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The Most Exciting Weekend Getaways from Athens

Nearing July, here in Athens we are unmistakably at the height of summer. The days are burningly bright and hot,

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Piraeus Athens

Piraeus, Athens – The Great Port City of the South

I had been depressed and worried. But from the moment of landing at Piraeus life renewed itself in perpetual interest

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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre – 5 Year Anniversary

The occasion of the 5 year anniversary of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC) is a time to reflect on

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Kolonaki Athens

Kolonaki, Athens – A local’s guide to the city’s exclusive central neighbourhood

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Athens, I soon realized there was something missing from my life. Long-dog walks

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Kypseli Athens Guide

Kypseli, Athens – A guide to the city’s centre

Kypseli is an area located in the northern part of Central Athens. Its recent transformation has attracted the young Athenian

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Ekali and Dionysos local guide

Ekali and Dionysos, Athens – Discover the lush Athenian paradise of the North

Being fortunate enough to grow up in the northern suburbs of Athens, I was granted the chance to appreciate certain

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Vouliagmeni local guide

Vouliagmeni, Athens – A local’s guide to a nostalgic summer destination

Vouliagmeni in Athens is the place where I spent most of my childhood summers. I remember starting the day with

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Psychiko logal guide

Psychiko, Athens – The classy northern suburb through the eyes of a local

For most Psychiko symbolizes the traditional Athenian aristocracy; a posh suburb positioned just a 10-minute drive from downtown Athens, full

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Glyfada local guide

Summer in Glyfada, Athens – A local’s guide to the vibrant southern suburb of Athens

For most, it’s the largest southern suburb of Athens, for fashion enthusiasts a shopping haven and for socialites a place

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Athens City Centre local guide

Athens: The City of Gods – A local’s stroll around the Athenian City Centre

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, whilst leaving MI4 headquarters on Rigilis street and heading towards the centre of Plaka, in

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