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home renovation value

Home renovation projects that increase property value

Home renovation projects usually aim at two significant goals: Either to create a better, updated environment for the owners-occupants, or

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50 sq.m. apartment renovation

The Black & White – A small apartment renovation project

When first visiting this one-bedroom apartment in the southern suburbs of Athens, we were struck by the complexity and impracticality

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Apartment renovation

The Pied-à-terre – A small apartment renovation project

Located in the heart of Kypseli, very close to the vibrant square of Agios Georgios. The neighborhood is ever-changing but

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Athens Digital Nomad Destination

Athens: The Upcoming Digital Nomad Destination

Recent studies show an increasing interest in Athens as a digital nomad destination. Athens ranks among cities like Dublin, Paris

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House Hunting

House Hunting – It’s never too early to make a decision

The Struggle of House Hunting House hunting is widely considered the most exciting part of the journey towards one’s dream

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Exarcheia Athens

Exarcheia, Athens – The alternative Athenian neighbourhood

Authentic, vivid, bohemian, eccentric, alternative, restless, multidimensional. These are a few of the many adjectives that describe the old and

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Kolonaki Athens

Kolonaki, Athens – A local’s guide to the city’s exclusive central neighbourhood

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Athens, I soon realized there was something missing from my life. Long-dog walks

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Kypseli Athens Guide

Kypseli, Athens – A guide to the city’s centre

Kypseli is an area located in the northern part of Central Athens. Its recent transformation has attracted the young Athenian

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Nea Smyrni Athens

Nea Smyrni, Athens – A guide to the Historic South

Nea Smyrni of Athens will always be a living testament to the roughly 1 million Greeks that thrived in Asia

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Ekali and Dionysos local guide

Ekali and Dionysos, Athens – Discover the lush Athenian paradise of the North

Being fortunate enough to grow up in the northern suburbs of Athens, I was granted the chance to appreciate certain

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